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Subject: Keeping <mediaobject/> with enclosing <figure/> label

As I noted in an earlier message, I'm just getting back into working  
with DocBook and the stylesheets after a long hiatus, so I'm really  

I know I've handled this in the past, but I can't find any of the  
working files that I used at the time.

I have several charts, graphs, etc., that I'm presenting in <figure/>  
wrappers. Basically, each element is similar to the following  

             <title>2011 Quarterly Profit Loss</title>
                 <imageobject role="fo">
                     <imagedata fileref="./figures/TablePL2011.pdf"  
format="PDF" scalefit="1"
                         width="100%" depth="100%"/>

I would like the figure image to appear immediately adjacent (below)  
the figure title. As it stands, in several cases, the title will be  
printed by itself on a single page, with the matching image on the  
next page. I'm guessing that it is an issue with my scalefit, etc.

I would like the figure title and enclosed image to be presented on  
the same page, scaling the image up or down (hopefully automagically)  
proportionally as needed to fit the content area (or would it be  
viewport area).



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