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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Very basic svn and DocBook question

Quoting Karen Schneider <kgschneider@gmail.com>:

> In terms of workflow, assuming there is one person reviewing the XML
> and processing it into HTML, I'm wondering: what gets checked in? The
> HTML... or the XML, and the HTML?

You'd check in the XML, as the HTML can always be re-generated from  
the XML sources.

> Also, in terms of documenting the transformation process, is there a
> convention for noting in the code what XSL processor was used (and
> what switches, if any)?

The simplest approach is to use a transformation script, or, better  
yet, a Makefile, to run the transformation. Check that into svn as  
well, so you'll always know how your sources were processed at a  
particular revision of your svn repository.

just my 2cc


Markus Hoenicka
(Spam-protected email: replace the quadrupeds with "mhoenicka")

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