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Subject: RE: Very basic svn and DocBook question

Karen Schneider [mailto:kgschneider@gmail.com] wrote:

> In terms of workflow, assuming there is one person reviewing the XML
> and processing it into HTML, I'm wondering: what gets checked in? The
> HTML... or the XML, and the HTML?

I'd say you definitely want to check in the XML. That is your source

Whether or not you maintain a history of the HTML that you published
from it depends on your requirements, tastes, paranoia level, etc.
Normally I would archive a copy of any output that was actually shipped
to a customer, but not all the output used in intermediate development

> Also, in terms of documenting the transformation process, is there a
> convention for noting in the code what XSL processor was used (and
> what switches, if any)?

None that I'm aware of.

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