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Subject: missing olink gentext when targetptr points to content xincluded with xpointer


In the following case olinks (FO output) are displayed only with a
page number (clickable and it jumps to the correct location in the
PDF) - the text (title of referenced item) is simply not there. Since
the link works, Im guessing that it is a gentext probIem.  In all
other cases, our olinks are OK.

File Z contains a table (CALS style, having a title) with xml:id="t_mytable"
File X xincludes t_mytable from Z using xpointer.
File Y olinks to t_mytable.

Suggestions on why the title is not part of the generated link text?

I'm using the DocBook 5.0 stylesheets and tools shipped with oxygen 10.0
Unfortunately, I cannot share the content files due to confidentiality

Best regards,
Bergfrid Skaara

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