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Subject: trouble with footers

Some newbie questions below. I have been battling with getting the document info elements working in the footer, and have hit a number of dead-ends. I suspect my questions and all related, and my lack of understanding underpins them all.
I have a simple document:
    <releaseinfo><trademark class="registered">CompanyName</trademark> Ltd 2009, all rights reserved.</releaseinfo>
and want parts of the document info elements to appear in the footer, so:

<xsl:when test="$position = 'left'"> 
  <xsl:value-of select="d:info/d:date"/>
  <xsl:apply-templates select="d:info/d:date"/>
Q1 - which is the preferred way of doing this, value-of or apply-templates?
However, when I pull into the release info into the footer using apply-templates, I get the following compile error:
"Element releaseinfo in namespace 'http://docbook.org/ns/docbook' encountered in info, but no template matches."
I can get around this by specifying a mode parameter, but I am not sure what mode to be setting.
Q2 - why does releaseinfo behave differently to date?
Q3 - if apply-templates is the right way of doing this, then should there be a mode setting, if so what/why?
Then something strange happens with how the releaseinfo is displayed, with this setup in the footer:
          <xsl:apply-templates select="d:info/d:releaseinfo"/>
          <xsl:value-of select="d:info/d:releaseinfo"/>
The apply-templates line produces this output:
"<releaseinfo>CompanyName® Ltd 2009, all rights reserved.</releaseinfo>"
and the value-of produces this output:
"CompanyName Ltd 2009, all rights reserved."
Q4 - why does the value-of lose the registered trademark?
Finally, the footer output for date and releaseinfo appear on the titlepage and toc, but as soon as the main body of the document (i.e. chapter 1 on) starts, the output from date and releaseinfo do not appear in the footer at all.
Q5 - why does the behaviour change at the point, and how to resolve?
Thanks for any help/pointers.

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