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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] ANNOUNCE: DocBook XSL and XSL-NS 1.75.0 released

Keith Fahlgren wrote, on 08.05.2009 21:51:

> In the meantime, you can always get rid of entities before handing off
> documents to dbtoepub (--noent). I'll work on a fix now.

Just now I begin to understand the problem:

In a large document which xincludes different chapters I don't use any 
undeclared entities and therefor don't get the parser errors of xmllint 
(which I call from a Makefile to generate the final XML file before 
using xsltproc and the stylesheets to generate HTML). If I add e.g. 
© I get the same parser errors like dbtoepub).

I was not aware of this entity problem because the Docbook XSL 
styleheets don't complain about these and create the desired output.

Probably this should be solved at the document level (my side !) and not 
by the tools used. Adding the used entities like:

    "-//W3C//ENTITIES Latin 1 for XHTML//EN"


solves the problem and everything else seems still to work.

Sorry if this caused confusion and unnecessary work!

PS: A few weeks ago I reported the same problem using Liza Daly's 
"docbook2epub", which probably can be solved using the same "workaround".

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