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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] extending db5, html vs fo customization

Bob Stayton wrote:
>> Is there a separate set of stylesheets for v5 I should be
>> using for fo and html? I thought the ns stripped version
>> (i.e. main xslt stylesheets) were the preferred option today?
> Actually, no, the preferred option today for DocBook 5 is to import the 
> namespace-aware stylesheets with '-ns-' in the distribution filename.  
> Those are the same as the main xslt stylesheets, except all element 
> names are handled in the DocBook 5 namespace, and the 
> no-longer-necessary namespace stripping operation is not performed.  
> Then you can use match="d:poem" in your stylesheet customization layers.

That's it Bob. Snapshot loaded to <wherever>/docbook/docbook-xsl-ns
is now used for both html and fo.

poem, in docbook ns is now processed 'properly' without the ns stripping.

Thanks for the help.


Dave Pawson

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