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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Element [...] not allowed in this context

> Things are a little different when you look at how a DocBook document is
> rendered (in HTML or XSL-FO or whatever). The current stylesheets render
> everything down to a <sect5>, so you would have 7 levels of hierarchy
> out of the box (5 sections inside a chapter inside a book). If that is
> not sufficient (i.e. you ran out of hierarchy for your use case), such
> as defining that, in a work on geography, a <sect1> is a section
> describing a continent, a <sect2> described a country, <sect3> a
> district, etc... Eventually, past <sect5>, the standard stylesheet will
> run out of predetermined categories for sections. But you can add that
> easily (see http://www.docbook.org/tdg5/en/html/ch05.html, "Adding
> Elements: Adding a sect6").

Well, this is another strength of DocBook (and XML), obviously, not
just because it is hard to run out of hierarchies (though until our
project gets its sea legs I am suggesting we stick with standard
stylesheets) but because it is hard to run out of semantic markup. I
know that is what you were saying but it's a slightly different way of
looking at it that is also applicable to the problems we're working

Thanks again to everyone for the quick responses yesterday. I went
back through the proposed doc outline the project had been discussing
and applied book/chapter/sect1/sect2 etc. and the files now validate.
I also reviewed a style manual someone had kindly provided off-list
from their project and noted their guidance to their company regarding
sections and chapters.

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