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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] xinclude ...... of plain text?

Rowland, Larry wrote:
> The xinclude syntax includes a parse attribute that indicates whether to treat as XML or text.  A programlisting is designed for displaying files such as configuration files.  Not sure if that is exactly what you were looking for.
> Larry Rowland 

Thanks Larry. RTFM was my real advice! v5 documentation tells me about it.

As an alternative to using the textinsert element, consider using an 
Xinclude element with the parse="text" attribute and value specified, as 
detailed in DocBook XSL: TCG, Using XInclude for text inclusions.


  <xi:include parse="text"
        href="build.properties" >
     <para><emphasis>FIXME:  MISSING XINCLUDE CONTENT - 


Dave Pawson

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