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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook images/graphics. Where do you keep them?

Rowland, Larry wrote:
> We have over 15000 books in multiple languages on docs.hp.com, so we 
> share the assets.

You're just a big show-off Larry :-)

   We use a versioned directory on the Web site that has
> all our branding assets (cascading style sheets for each locale, logos, 
> admonition icons, etc). 

So at some location you'd have your logos, CSS icons etc,
under a version/logo or logos/version

Any issues referring to that or is that done in the document build?
language+version+ whatever?

  We can also package up the assets with a build
> for placement when the internet may not be available (such as on CDs) 
> but we generally produce the documents pointing at the common assets 
> folder on docs.hp.com.

For each new (say version) you build it, then load it to the hp site
as well as archive it off for CD usage? A sort of 'build/package up 
graphics' stage of docbook? Sort of makes sense.

   This is controlled by a parameter in our build
> environment that can be overridden by a user value in a parameter 
> override file that is processed when the document is built.
> Regards,
> Larry Rowland

Any chance of a cut down example of that please, or am I on the right 
lines above with an ant build step to collect graphics, language 
specific parts etc?

Thanks Larry. Some neat ideas there!


Dave Pawson

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