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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook Customization

On 2009-05-19 08:11, Eric Johnson wrote:
> Why would an organization customize DocBook instead of adopting DITA
> which is built with the (almost) requirement that it be customized?

If DocBook is more or less what you like to use, but not quite?

> What is the cost of doing the customization?

I did customization of DocBook for an ex-employer. So take this
as an example.

Requirements at that time:

 1. Include custom XML data into DocBook documents.
 2. Use of DocBook para element in one custom XML element.

Customizing the DocBook defintion (RNG or DTD) was really easy.
(Maybe with v5 it's even more easy.) The challenge was adopting
the tool chain, e.g. docbook-apps. So we did it the "easy way":
Hacking a simple XSL file that transformed (with xsltproc) the
customized DocBook into standard DocBook.

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