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Subject: Multi-column Spanning Pages

Hello, Everyone.

We are working on a training booklet for a customer that has a pre- 
defined format for training courses.  One of the format requirements  
is that the learning objectives be split into knowledge and skills  
tasks.  The knowledge tasks listed on the left side of a landscape  
page, and the skills tasks listed on the right side of the same  
landscape page.

I'd like to use the following code to list each task set:

		<listitem><para>Knowledge task 1</para></listitem>
		<listitem><para>Skills task 1</para></listitem>

I can see how multi-column pages are done, but that would cause the  
first section (knowledge) to snake through both sides, then the second  
section (skills) to do the same.  What I need, however, is for these  
two sections to run parallel paths down each column, and cross over  
pages the same way.  I've attached a PDF diagram to describe this  
visually.  I plan to do a lot more reading about XSL-FO to see if I  
can figure this out (I need to do that anyway), but, before I tackle  
that, does anyone have any tips for accomplishing this layout?



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