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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] footnote/para/programlisting -> invalid XHTML

On Sun, Jun 7, 2009 at 11:20 AM, Philipp
Kempgen<philipp.kempgen@amooma.de> wrote:
> Don't really know what to do with this so I'll post it here.
> Please bear with me.

Thanks for the bug report. Formally,
is the bug tracker.

> I have a problem with how the XSL stylesheets (nwalsh) transform
> footnote/para/programlisting to XHTML.

Which version of the stylesheets are you using? 1.74.3? 1.75.1?

> xsltproc, make.valid.html=1, html.cleanup=1

Are you using the xhtml/ or xhtml-1_1/ targets or html/?

> Output:
>    <div class="footnote"><p> ... <pre class="programlisting">
> <pre> inside <p> is invalid XHTML.

Would you mind including the DocBook that generated that XHTML?

> I fixed it by modifying the template which matches
> "footnote/para[1]|footnote/simpara[1]" (in footnote.xsl) to call
> the "paragraph" template (in block.xsl) which then calls "unwrap.p"
> -- just as the template which matches "para" (in block.xsl) does.

Are you familiar with the diff command? That might be a clearer way to
specify your changes.

$ cp footnote.xsl footnote.before.xsl
# Make your edits to footenote.xsl
$ diff footnote.before.xsl footnote.xsl


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