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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] list pulled out of containing para in html output

David Cramer schrieb:
> Using the 1.72.0 html xsls with para.propagates.style=1 using saxon 6.5
> if I do:
> <para role="client">Some intro text:
>   <itemizedlist>
>  <listitem>
>    <para>My listitem</para>
>  </listitem>
>   </itemizedlist>
> </para>
> In the output, the ul is pulled out of the containing para:
> <p class="client">Some intro text:</p>
> <ul><li><p>My listitem</p></li></ul>
> So I lose the ability to use the class to style the text with my css. Is
> this a bug or some feature I don't understand?

That is because <ul> is a block-level element.
Block-level elements are not allowed inside <p>.

I think with make.valid.html=0 and/or html.cleanup=0 the stylesheets
don't unwrap your <ul> (but leave you with invalid HTML of course).

I cannot comment on whether the class should be propagated to the
<ul> or not, or if <para>s which contain block-level elements should
rather be transformed to <div>s instead of <p>s.

    Philipp Kempgen
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