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Subject: Adobe AIR Help

Hello Everyone,

recently I've heard about Adobe AIR Help, which can be generated using free
RoboHelp Packager [1] from WebHelp files.

In contrib folder of DocBook SVN [2] I've found promising stylesheet capable
to transform docbook files into WebHelp so I've tried it. According to
readme file I've copied all necessary files into final folder and into the
same folder I've pointed RoboHelp tool. Unfortunately, this app is
complaining that "The given WebHelp folder is invalid." Search in Google [3]
doesn't help so I am trying to ask you. My folder is located in "D:\files"
so no strange characters are used.

Does anybody have any experience with this tool? Is stylesheet in contrib
folder obsolete? Is there any example of WebHelp source files which are
processed correctly to be able find possible mistakes?

Thanks for your tips.


[1] http://www.adobe.com/products/robohelp/robohelp-packager-for-air/
[3] http://forums.adobe.com/thread/86913

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