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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Adobe AIR Help


> The applethelp demo doesn't actually create webhelp. It creates a
> web-based help 

thanks for clarification, there is ambiguity in term WebHelp I see. 

The main aim is to test promising multiplatform help system and its features
(default Help generated using Packager). I have no RoboHelp purchased but I
am sure it is possible to produce Air Help using mentioned RoboHelp Packager
directly from appropriate source files. If somebody has RoboHelp, I would be
grateful for exporting sample data (I have searched many sources, but with
no success yet) so I would be able to test them in Packager and consider if
these source data can be generated either by small or large customisation of
HTML Help stylesheets. In the first case I could try to help with
implementing, but to tell the truth, my xslt skills are quite limited.


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