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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Problems with draft.mode

Yes. That fixed it. Thanks.

I think the DocBook documentation could be improved in this respect.
The documentation for remark does not make any reference to this
parameter. My expectation from the documentation was that it remarks
would be suppressed automatically when draft.mode was set to 'no'. I
think this would be good default behaviour.

I've got another related problem to deal with now. I have set the
draft.watermark.image parameter to point to a local .png file. When
draft.mode is set to 'yes' I see lots of


attributes in my .fo output. However, I can't see the image in my PDF
output. Anyone got an idea what might be going wrong here?

Thank you.

2009/6/26 David Cramer <dcramer@motive.com>:
> <remark>s are controlled by a separate parameter:
> http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/doc/html/show.comment
> s.html
> David
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Paul Suckling [mailto:paul.suckling@gmail.com]
>> Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 6:08 AM
>> To: DocBook Apps
>> Subject: [docbook-apps] Problems with draft.mode
>> I am having some problems using draft.mode. I have a document
>> with some <remark>...</remark> elements in it. I have checked
>> that my customisation layer doesn't contain any occurrences
>> of draft.mode or remark... so any customisations being
>> applied shouldn't be interfering with the default behaviour.
>> I have grabbed the latest snapshots of the DocBook stylesheets.
>> I am converting the document to pdf via fo and using  apache
>> FOP version 0.95. I am creating two versions. A draft version with:
>> xsltproc --xinclude --stringparam draft.mode yes --output
>> UG.xml.draft.fo
>> /usr/share/docbook-xsl-latest/customisation/fo/custom.xsl
>> UG.xml fop.bat -d -fo UG.xml.draft.fo -pdf UG.xml.draft.pdf
>> and a final version with
>> xsltproc --xinclude --stringparam draft.mode no --output
>> UG.xml.fo
>> /usr/share/docbook-xsl-latest/customisation/fo/custom.xsl
>> UG.xml fop.bat -d -fo UG.xml.fo -pdf UG.xml.pdf
>> The problem is that the remarks are appearing in the final
>> version as well as the draft version, but I thought that with
>> draft.mode="no"
>> they weren't supposed to appear.
>> Anyone got any ideas about what might be going wrong?
>> Thanks.
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Nashi Power.
Registered address: 7 Trescoe Gardens, Harrow, Middx., U.K.

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