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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Graphs in docbook?

On 07/22/2009 09:14 AM, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> Dave Pawson wrote:
>> >  Jirka, how does this idea fit with 'extending' docbook, vs incorporation
>> >  via a namespace vs incorporating into docbook processing?
> There are many possibilities, depends on your usage scenario, for example.
> 1) Incorporate graph2svg markup directly into DocBook
> 2) Keep graph2svg markup in separate files, turn them into SVG by
> external process and then include them as figures on DocBook level
> 3) Do some more advanced things, like have a DocBook table with special
> role assigned and then tweak stylesheets to generate graph2svg markup
> from DocBook table, then use graph2svg stylesheet to get SVG from this
> and include this resulting SVG into FO/XHTML generated by DocBook
> stylesheets, everything in single transformation
> But be careful when integrating graph2svg into DocBook stylesheets.
> Library requires XSLT 2.0, so you have to use Saxon9 and some things are
> still not working in Saxon9 (for example chunking, but there is partial
> patch for this scheduled for 1.76.0 sitting on my filesystem).

Ah! The killer! Yes, it's XSLT 2.0

Immediate reaction, I would prefer the 'graph' markup to using a 
standard table. There are too many differences between the graph
and a docbook table. It would look like a kludge.

So for the short term, process the graph outside docbook,
then include the resulting file as 'normal' within docbook.

In the long term, I like Chris's idea.
Consider it 'another namespace' content and process it
as ... an extension? But that will have to wait until
the XSLT 2.0 docbook stylesheets I guess.

Have any principles been worked out for doing this more generally?
I've not heard anything. E.g. I want to incorporate xmlns="xxxx"
what should I do for validation and processing? More NVDL I guess.

btw Jirka, the namespace isn't declared in the DTD,
on the root element?


Dave Pawson

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