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Subject: Problems with including code samples using <xi:include>



I have included a DocBook XML file (encoded UTF-8) in a programlisting which in turn is placed in an example:


    <section xml:id="docbook">
<title>What is DocBook?</title>
<para>DocBook provides…</para>
<para>DocBook has some 400 tags...</para>

<title>A typical, simple DocBook document</title>
<programlisting language="xml">

    <xi:include href="userintroduction.xml" parse="text"><xi:fallback><phrase>userintroduction.xml not found.</phrase><phrase userlevel="internal"> Please check for black holes!</phrase></xi:fallback></xi:include>




In the PDF output (using XEP) I have the following two problems:


*Problem 1: The code lines are shown double-spaced instead of single (empty lines between the code lines) and the syntax highlighting does not work. Note that when copy-pasting the code into the DocBook document, both works fine.


*Problem 2: I get two page breaks which I did not bargain for. The PDF is structured as follows:


… blah the end of the last section.

What is DocBook?

DocBook provides…

(half a page empty)

(page break)

DocBook has some 400 tags…

(90% of the page empty)

(page break)

Example: A typical, simple DocBook document


I use XSLTHL for syntax highlighting. If you need more information please tell me.


Thank you in advance!


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