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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] docbook 4.5 install. Woefully hard?

I have stayed away from cygwin because I wanted to make sure that the users had something simple. I keep a simple doctools tree that has all of the tools that I need (FOP, Saxon, XSLTPROC, etc) and the users load it from Subversion.
I support both Windows and Linux, since most of the content generators are Windows based and I use both. I created identically named scripts to run the Docbook generation on both Win32 and Linux, which keeps the documentation simpler.
Since most of the tools are Java based, the command calls are similar. I include XSLTPROC & XMLLINT for win32 in my distribution because they are available on most Linux distros but not Windows.
Your experience software developer is correct - it is a bit confusing at first, but sloshing through Bob's book can clear up almost all issues and put him on the right path.
I sometimes forget how much I struggled back when I developed the system, and I am a software developer ;-)
Dean Nelson
In a message dated 08/03/09 01:43:29 Pacific Daylight Time, davep@dpawson.co.uk writes:
I've recently had an email conversation with a fairly experienced
software developer trying to get a full docbook setup from scratch.
He wasn't impressed with the list of bits he had to collect.

I am still stuggling on.

The fundamental problem is that you need several things to play togther

    1) xml validator
    2) A docbook DTD
    3) Some xsl stylesheets (why are they called stylesheets and not
    4) something to turn xml+xsl into xsl-fo
    5) something to turn xsl-fo into pdf
    6) an OS

If there are
   4 choices for  1)
   2 choices for  2)
   1 choice for    3)
   3 choices for 4)
   3 choices for  5)
   3 choices for 6)

Then their are  216 possible configurations.

I'm talking about the schemas, validation tools, stylesheets, catalogs
parsers etc.

For docbook 4.5 I think such a  list is:

Latest stylesheets
validator (xmllint from Daniel?)*
xslt 1.0 libxslt?*

* Since it has catalog support

Is that complete please?
Any simpler suggestions?
I have a java alternative, I'll post that separately.
I'll also do one for dbook v5.

My temptation is to 'start afresh' rather than accept
an existing install on Linux, since it will work
from windows and the user will know where stuff is kept!



Dave Pawson

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