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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] docbook 4.5 install. Woefully hard?

On 08/03/2009 02:11 PM, DeanNelson wrote:
> Dave
> I have stayed away from cygwin because I wanted to make sure that the
> users had something simple. I keep a simple doctools tree that has all
> of the tools that I need (FOP, Saxon, XSLTPROC, etc) and the users load
> it from Subversion.
> I support both Windows and Linux, since most of the content generators
> are Windows based and I use both. I created identically named scripts to
> run the Docbook generation on both Win32 and Linux, which keeps the
> documentation simpler.

Neat. xxx.bat and xxx.sh?

> Since most of the tools are Java based,

I'm sure that would satisfy 80% of users.

> the command calls are similar. I
> include XSLTPROC & XMLLINT for win32 in my distribution because they are
> available on most Linux distros but not Windows.
> Your experience software developer is correct - it is a bit confusing at
> first, but sloshing through Bob's book can clear up almost all issues
> and put him on the right path.

It was the 7 hours he'd taken to google his way round that
he objected to! I'm not even sure he'd found Bobs write-up.

> I sometimes forget how much I struggled back when I developed the
> system, and I am a software developer ;-)

Any statement on availability Dean?
Is it something you maintain for your users?


Dave Pawson

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