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Subject: PNG Images rendering on XML->FO->PDF


I'm quite new to docbook so maybe this is my mistake.

I wrote a docbook 5 user manual using the latest docbook-xsl stylesheets
(1.75.2) and, transforming it into html (and chm) through xsltproc works

But when I create the PDF using the transformation XML->FO->PDF using
the latest version of FOP I have problems on the PNG images.

These appears enlarged in the document (like if I look an image at
110-120% zoom) and some of them go out the margins.

I downloaded also the "Java Advanced Imaging 1.1.3" but the result is
the same.

The code for the images is:

 <title>An Image</title>
   <imagedata fileref="Images_EN/IMAGE_001.png"

Could someone give me some suggestion?

Thanks in advance,

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