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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Graphic formats for screenshots

I suppose that there is the *slightest*  possibility that this is a slightly obscure reference to "The Matrix" where Neo learns from one of the potentials at the Oracle's apartment that "There is no spoon." Perhaps the CD-ROM is like a spoon because, as yet, "There is no CD-ROM"?



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>>> Karen Schneider <kgschneider@gmail.com> 8/6/2009 10:52 AM >>>
As we work on our styleguide, proof of concept, and other stuff that
our Documentation Interest Group is doing to lay the groundwork for
our project, we wondered if DocBook users had strong feelings about
image formats. We will be working with screenshots, and our expected
DocBook output is HTML, PDF, and possibly Word (for libraries that
want to tailor documents locally but aren't XML-savvy).

I understand that IE has never really implemented PNG really well.
That may not be a showstopper (given that we're an open source
community, so IE is not exactly the favored browser). Any other
cautions/advice are welcome (I just saw the thread about PNG and FO).
My gut reaction going in is to focus on one format and make it work,
with a tendency to want to use PNG because the list traffic for
docbook-apps lists it so frequently.

Also -- not quite as important -- last night, while reading up on
DocBook (how else to spend a summer evening?) I encountered this:


"The CD-ROM is like a spoon" ??? :-)

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