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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] dbdoclet 5.2.0b371


dbdoclet 5.2.0 (b371) (http://www.dbdoclet.org) has been released.

DocBook Doclet creates DocBook XML and class diagrams from Javadoc
comments, converts HTML to DocBook, and transfoms DocBook XML into
various output formats. It consists of a complete DocBook distribution
containing schemas and the DocBook XSL stylesheets. It also integrates
Apache FOP as the XSL:FO processor. A Swing application is used to
customize the doclet and most of the DocBook XSL parameters and to start
the transformations.

* Support for table parameters.
* Support for list parameters.
* Support for callout parameters.
* Fixed some missing resource keys.
* Transformation of arbitrary DocBook files.
* Integration of HTML to DocBook converter (herold)
* Import of Eclipse projects
* Creation of eclipse plugins
* Creation of HTML
* Improved configuration of DocBook parameters and attribute-sets.
* Redesign of the GUI.

Michael Fuchs

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