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Subject: Generating html help with Xalan

I recently converted our doc building system to use Xalan-J with most recent version stylesheet (1.75.2). I ran into a problem when creating htmlhelp files.


java -cp "../../../src/xalan/xalan.jar;../../../src/xalan/xcercesImpl.jar;../../../src/xalan/xml-apis.jar;../../../src/x

slthl-2.0.1.jar" \

        -Dxslthl.config="file:///E:/ongoing/highlighters/xslthl-config.xml" \

    org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process \

                -param l10n.gentext.default.language en \

                -param glossary.collection ../../../src/glossary.xml  \

                -param chunk.section.depth 1 \

                -param html.stylesheet "styles_html.css" \

                -param base.dir manual.html-help/ -xsl ../../../src/xsl.d/my-html-help.xsl \

                -in manual.xml


The chunk html files are generated in subdirectory manual.html-help, thank to the base.dir parameter. However, all *.h and *hh* files are created under the current directory. I want to keep the current directory without intermediate files.


Previously with xsltproc, the –out argument allows me to specify the output directory. It seems that Xalan does not have such an option.


Any ideas to output the intermediate files into a sub directory? Thanks!

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