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Subject: localization problem with xref elements

Dear all

the version of docbook xml is 4.4
the version of docbook xsl is 1.73.2
(these are not my choice and I dont think I can upgrade as I dont have decisional power for that)

im having some problem with french translation,
a string which is automatically inserted by the xsl transformation is not translated.

the problem is with <xref linkend="xxx" />
I get "the section called “xxx”" instead of the "la section intitulée « xxx »"

the string "the section called" appear several time in the language xml files in docbook-xsl-1.73.2 so im not sure which one is used, but the translation seems to exist for all the ids in the fr.xml

I have tried adding a "lang="fr"" parameter in my <book> element and also in my <xref> element, but it didnt change anything

I looked at the list archive, found some related posts but sadly no solution

any idea ?

Thanks in advance
Best regards

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