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Subject: Which major mode in emacs?

I'm trying to find an emacs major mode implementation for editing Docbook 
documents which handles autoindentation the way I like it. I don't think 
that my preferences are unusual, but rather straightforward: Tab, or "M-x 
indent-region" should autoindent text in contexts where whitespace does not 
matter, and leave it alone in <literallayout> or <programlisting>, where 
whitespace matters. This means that the major mode needs to be DTD aware.

I tried nxml first. nxml looks nice, but it indents everything. After I 
reindent a large block of text, I always have to go back and undo all the 
added whitespace in every <programlisting>.

Then, I installed psgml. psgml seems to indent XML tags only, and does not 
autoindent any text. Within <para>, whitespace does not matter, but psgml 
leaves it alone.

Any other suggestions?

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