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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] TOC formatting

Hi Tobias,

Sunday 30 August 2009
> is there a way to modify the toc templates to e.g. making every major
> one heading bold and have a padding or margin like this
> 1. This is a major one heading (BOLD font-weight)

I assume, you mean a title in chapter, appendix, or preface?

> 1.1 ... (NORMAL font-weight)
> 1.2 ... (NORMAL font-weight)
> Padding / Margin / Spacing
> 2. This is a major two heading (BOLD font-weight)
> 2.1 ... (NORMAL font-weight)
> ...
> I already searched the documentation and the xsl source, but haven't
> found a real entry point in the toc.xsl.
> Any ideads or suggestions?

I think, you can use one of the two methods, depending on how easy it should 
be or how much detail you need:

 1. Customize the attribute set "toc.line.properties".
 2. Customize the named template "toc.line".

The first one is easier to use. Use the following code to distinguish between 
a chapter and something else. Of course, you can add appendix, glossary, etc. 
too, to cover these headings:

 <xsl:attribute-set name="toc.line.properties">
   <xsl:attribute name="font-weight">
       <!-- Add more xsl:whens or "or"s to cover appendix, preface, etc. -->
       <xsl:when test="self::chapter">bold</xsl:when>

The second one is a bit more elaborate, but gives you more freedom. Copy the 
"toc.line" template from fo/autotoc.xsl into your customization layer and 
adapt it to your needs. You can use the above xsl:choose to distinguish 
between your different headings and add your spacing/margins/ ...

More information about the latter method can be found here:



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