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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: olink element question

> ...  The targetdoc value needs to cover all the content of an
> assembled book, not just one chapter.  Think of an olink as a two-part
> address: the first part (targetdoc) references the book, and the second part
> (targetptr) references a point within that book.  Only when you mean to link
> to the book element itself would they match.

Ok, I think I have fought my way through a lot of this block. I'm
writing about a set with two books, each with a number of chapters.

But... I know this question will sound really basic... in reference to
the styleguide itself, versus The Book of Evergreen... as the
styleguide is one book, assembled from chapters, it sounds as if xref
and link will suffice. Maybe I've been thinking too hard this weekend,
but I'm suddenly tripped up by the term "document." Either that, or
understanding it better.

Regarding the set of two books, to prepare the chapters for
cross-referencing, would I start with a document id for the books,

<book id="Book1">
<book id="Book2">

Each one in its respective book, after the XML declaration?

Then in Book 1 we might have a chapter, figures.xml... it too gets a
document id, right?

<chapter id="figures">
<title>Making Purty Figures</title>
<para>yada yada...</para>

Meanwhile, over in the "lists" chapter of Book 2...

<chapter id="lists">
<title>Manly Lists for Handsome Docs</title>

<para>However, if you are describing physical items that are
listing--ships, your tipsy spouse, the old shed out back--instead of a
list you may prefer to <olink targetdoc="Book1"
targetptr="figures">use a graphic</olink>.

... Now that I've spelled this out it feels right (and uh, simple). If
I have this correct, it seems that it would also be valuable to
stipulate a convention for document id in the section on file
structure and filename conventions.

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