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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] How to improve the build speed with saxon 6.X / docbook

> > A couple of things may help. Make sure that your catalogs are 
> > operating correctly and that the resolution of them are not 
> going out 
> > to the net to resolve entries. This can slow things down greatly.
> A silly question :). How can I be sure of that ?

The way I usually realize when my catalogs aren't working is to build a
doc while offline :-)

> > Also, have you thought about using XSLTPROC instead of Saxon. I 
> > maintain my Docbook tools so that I can use both Saxon and XSLTPROC 
> > but Saxon is slower. XSLTPROC is in most Linux distros and 
> there is a 
> > Windows package also.
> I already checked with xsltproc and I have about the same 
> time of processing...

That's been my experience too.


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