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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How to improve the build speed with saxon 6.X / docbook

One way is to turn on the "verbosity" in the CatalogManager.properties file
Non zero values print debugging info to the screen. This will be of great help in knowing if all of the net centric info is being resolved to a local location.
This all assumes that you are using a catalog ;-) If not then everything is going out to the net. When you tried XSLTPROC did you have the "--nonet" switch on the command line? I don't think Saxon has a similar switch, but it does have the CatalogManager.properties file which help these types of issues.
It may be only one unresolved entry that slow things down, so you will have to really look closely at the output.
Also, I use the Jueclid FOP plugin to render my MathML equations during the FOP generation. This saves a conversion step at the beginning.
Dean Nelson
In a message dated 09/10/09 07:32:09 Pacific Daylight Time, dcramer@motive.com writes:
> > A couple of things may help. Make sure that your catalogs are
> > operating correctly and that the resolution of them are not
> going out
> > to the net to resolve entries. This can slow things down greatly.
> A silly question :). How can I be sure of that ?

The way I usually realize when my catalogs aren't working is to build a
doc while offline :-)

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