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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How to improve the build speed with saxon 6.X /docbook

Bad luck, it does seems to be related to the network ... 
I tried with both and it is pretty much the same time.

I am going the same as you about MathML. 

Thanks again for your advices! 

Le jeudi 10 septembre 2009 à 07:57 -0700, DeanNelson a écrit :
> One way is to turn on the "verbosity" in the CatalogManager.properties
> file
> verbosity=4
> Non zero values print debugging info to the screen. This will be of
> great help in knowing if all of the net centric info is being resolved
> to a local location. 
> This all assumes that you are using a catalog ;-) If not then
> everything is going out to the net. When you tried XSLTPROC did you
> have the "--nonet" switch on the command line? I don't think Saxon has
> a similar switch, but it does have the CatalogManager.properties file
> which help these types of issues.
> It may be only one unresolved entry that slow things down, so you will
> have to really look closely at the output.
> Also, I use the Jueclid FOP plugin to render my MathML equations
> during the FOP generation. This saves a conversion step at the
> beginning. 
> Regards,
> Dean Nelson
> In a message dated 09/10/09 07:32:09 Pacific Daylight Time,
> dcramer@motive.com writes:
>         > > A couple of things may help. Make sure that your catalogs
>         are 
>         > > operating correctly and that the resolution of them are
>         not 
>         > going out 
>         > > to the net to resolve entries. This can slow things down
>         greatly. 
>         > A silly question :). How can I be sure of that ? 
>         The way I usually realize when my catalogs aren't working is
>         to build a 
>         doc while offline :-) 

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