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Subject: Pasting footnotes from DocBook-generated HTML into OpenOffice

Hello all

I've been working on a document in DocBook and transforming to HTML, but 
the final version will be pasted into OpenOffice and saved as Word (not 
my choice but that's what it's got to be in).

It's all going well, except then I thought to myself:  we don't want the 
footnotes to be links once they're in OO.

(This is because they're not going properly back and forth, but trying 
to open the HTML thing instead - if there were a way to have internal 
links in OO/Word then that would be the ideal solution, but I'd assumed 
there wasn't (?).)

I had a look at footnote.xsl and thought I could create a custom 
version.  But I've got in a tangle (probably not least because v tired 
from all the actual writing, which has involved staying up till stupid 
o'clock!) and it's not working.  I can get rid of the links, but then 
(either because of OpenOffice's pasting defaults, or else because I've 
messed up the attributes in footnote.xsl) the numbers stop being 
superscript as well.  I've got about 40 footnotes and I would really 
rather not have to tweak them all in Word...

It may not strictly be a DocBook question;  it may be more a matter of 
knowing how OO treats HTML.  But I thought it was worth asking:  has 
anyone solved this before and know what will work?  or got any ideas 
about best way to proceed?




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