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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Pasting footnotes from DocBook-generated HTMLinto OpenOffice

Thanks Larry & Markus.

That particular document is finished now (with a bit of manual tweaking 
at the end) - I was already very close to the deadline when I wrote here.

But I'm still interested "for future reference" in the possibilities.

Larry wrote:
>> I am not sure which versions of DocBook and OpenOffice you are using
>> or the platform you are working on, but OpenOffice can import some
>> DocBook versions.  You set the document type to DocBook in the Open
>> dialog box and then open the XML file.  

Tried this.  The Open dialog box did offer me DocBook, and it did open 
the XML file, but as XML!  showing all the <para> tags and so on.  Is 
there some other setting I need to use to make it behave as a 
final-formatted document?



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