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Subject: Adding a DateTime stamp to a PDF titlepage



We are currently generating PDFs using xsltproc, and are building our PDF titlepages using an .svg image with the following code:


      <t:titlepage t:element="book" t:wrapper="fo:block">

            <t:titlepage-content t:side="recto">



            <t:titlepage-content t:side="verso">

                  <legalnotice font-size="10pt"/>




                  <!--<fo:block break-after="page"/>-->



            <t:titlepage-before t:side="recto">

                  <!--<fo:block break-after="page"/>-->

                  <fo:block-container absolute-position="absolute"



                        <fo:block padding-top="10%">

                              <fo:external-graphic src=""url(All_Titlepages/KTM/CoverPage_InstallationGuide_KTM.svg)"/>





            <t:titlepage-before t:side="verso">

                  <fo:block break-before="page"/>

                  <!--<fo:block break-after="page"/>-->




We have been asked to include a date and time stamp on each pdf title page in addition to the graphic file.


I’ve been able to get generic text placed in the correct location on the title page by adding the following entry directly after the external-graphic block:


<fo:block text-align="right" margin-right="-10px" font-family="{$title.fontset}" font-size="8pt">Date/Time Stamp to go here</fo:block>

I’ve seen several examples using JavaScript but they tend to require either the Saxon or Xalan processors, which we are not using.


Does anybody know if I can insert the date and time in that location? If so, could you provide or point me to an example?


Thanks in advance,


Laurie Burley
Sr. Tech Comm Spc.
Kofax U.K., Ltd.

201 Cambridge Science Park
Milton Road, Cambridge
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 226021


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