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Subject: How to set up profiling in customization layer?

I'm trying to introduce profiling to the following scenario, so far without success:
DocBook 5, modular with xincludes and olinks. Have unique xml:id and profiling attributes set
XSL customization layer which imports fo/profile-docbook.xsl
oxygen XML Editor 10.3 with saxon6.5.5 and FOP0.95 stylesheets 1.75.1
I have <section audience="All">... and add <xsl:param name="profile.audience" select="None"></xsl:param> to my cust.layer and the generated PDF is not filtered (everything is included). Both validation and transformation are successfull and fo/profile-docbook.xsl is read at processing. It seems like the profile param is ignored.
I believe I've followed the instructions in the book to the letter, but clearly I must be missing something. Suggestions?
Best regards,
Bergfrid Skaara

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