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Subject: drop caps in first paragraph? aligning images?

Is there a way in docbook to mark your text in your chunked HTML
output so that the first letter of the first paragraph in a chapter
will use dropcaps (through a css class, I mean)?
(Here's a css way to do it http://tinsology.net/2009/06/css-drop-cap-effect/ )

I see that you can set image alignment for graphics inside imagedata

However, I see that doing that will insert a  style="text-align:right"
into the div element. I don't understand; why does text-align: right
apply to the img element as well?  (this may be a CSS question, not a
docbook question).

   <div class="mediaobject" style="text-align: right"><a
xmlns:saxon="http://icl.com/saxon"; id="MilenaJesenska"/><img
src="images/milena.jpg" style="text-align: right" alt="Milena
Jesenska, journalist and girlfriend of Kafka who corresponded with him

Robert Nagle

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