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Subject: RE: drop caps in first paragraph? aligning images?

I just wanted to say, I figured out the answer to my own question.


Specifying a role attribute for phrase gives you a custom css class
inside a span tag. So I could just do

<para><phrase role="dropcap">W</phrase>e the people </para>

Gosh, knowing this information, I suddenly feel a exhilarating surge
of power....

This also solves the image problem-- (I wanted to make css
customizations to selected images; now I can just put the
inlinemediaobject inside a phrase tag).



Is there a way in docbook to mark your text in your chunked HTML
output so that the first letter of the first paragraph in a chapter
will use dropcaps (through a css class, I mean)?
(Here's a css way to do it http://tinsology.net/2009/06/css-drop-cap-effect/ )

Robert Nagle
12777 Ashford Point Dr #1417
Houston, Texas 77082
713 893 3424

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