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Subject: About imageobjectco, callout and title placement

Hello every body,

Today I tried to use figure and imageobjectco in a different way as I  
did before.

	<info><title>This is a title</title><info>
				<area coords="" xml:id="first"/>
				<area coords="" xml:id="second"/>
				<imagedata fileref="path/to/the/image"/>
	<callout arearefs="first">
		<para>The first callout bug</para>
	<callout arearefs="seconde">
		<para>The second callout bug</para>

In my custom stylesheet I've put :
<xsl:param name="formal.title.placement">figure after</xsl:param>

As result of this little sample, the title of the figure is below the  
callout list, and I prefer have it juste after the image it self.

I use Docbook 5.0 with 1.75.2 ns stylesheet.

How can I change the title placement in this case ?

Thanks in advance,

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