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Subject: Image overflows


Recently I had a problem with image overflows using Apache as well as XEP.

I use both very wide and very high images in my documentation. When
applying my customization layers they are always scaled to match the
width of the page but I have problems if the image is still to high to
match the available page space/size.

Using Apache images are just rendered on top of the page ignoring the
page master setup (so above header, body, footer, starter ...) not
fitting into the available area in the body.
Using XEP there is just some information in the logs stating that XEP
was not able to satisfy the constraints and (!!!) does not print the
image at all.

I use <d:imagedata width="100%" contentdepth="100%" .../> in docbook.
Is there a way to enable some kind of auto-fit functionality? In a
customization layer producing some kind of powerpoint slide layout I
overwrote the graphic template to set the (maximum) height. Now,
i) very wide but not that high images are scaled to fit the available width (OK)
ii) very high but not very wide images are scaled to fit the available
height (OK)
iii) small images are upscaled to match height or respectively the

Do somebody have a solution for point iii ?


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