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Subject: Publishing extremely long tables

Hi all,

I'm publishing docbook files that have been generated off of RDL (register description language) files. Some of the tables in the documents are sufficiently huge that they overwhelm the dbxsl publishing scripts due to, I believe, the degree of recursion necessary to handle rowspan elements.

The thing is, none of the huge tables *use* rowspan elements, so checking for them is a waste of resources. I'm going to alter the table processing so that it checks at each tbody element to see if any of the containing rows contain rowspan elements, and if not then have it use a simplified processing model. Just thought I'd check to see if anyone had already done this and what the best approach turned out to be.


Jeff Hooker, XDocs Admin, Technical Communications
PMC-Sierra, Inc., 100-2700 Production Way, Burnaby BC  V5A 4X1
(Tel)  604.415.6000 x 2625
(Cell) 778-855-7406

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