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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] equation display

Title: RE: [docbook-apps] equation display


-----Original Message-----
From: Bob Stayton [mailto:bobs@sagehill.net]
Sent: Fri 11/27/2009 11:51 PM
To: DocBook Apps
Subject: [docbook-apps] equation display

Currently equation elements are not handled consistently in the DocBook XSL
stylesheets.  Part of the problem is that contrary to table and figure, an
equation's title is not required.  Having the title be optional has created
the current inconsistencies.  SourceForge bug report 2889817 describes the
current problems, and the comments in the report discuss the issues further.
If you are interested in how equation elements are displayed, you might want
to read the bug report:


One thing to note is that there is no standard style for equation numbers
and titles, although there are several common practices.  The bug report
comments have somewhat settled on the following output features as the
default formatting for equations.  I know it is impossible to satisfy
everyone, so we are looking for reasonable and consistent default behavior

1.  equation elements are numbered, and informalequation elements are not.

2.  All equations use the same number sequence, regardless of whether they
include a title or not.

3.  An equation with a title is formatted with "Equation 3.2. My equation
title", placed either above or below the equation, based on the existing
'formal.title.placement' parameter.

4.  An equation without a title is formatted with the equation number in
parentheses, right-aligned next to the equation, something like this:

s = (a + b) x (c + d)                                       (3.2)

5.  The optional List of Equations in the front of a book includes only
equations with titles. Including equations without titles doesn't make much
sense, because the reader has no basis for selecting an equation based on
just the number. Since untitled equations are omitted, the number sequence
in the List of Equations may not be continuous.

6.  An xref's generated text for a cross reference to an equation with title
looks like this by default:

   Equation 3.2, "My equation title"

7.  An xref's text for an equation without title looks like:

   Equation 3.2

8.  An xref to an informalequation generates nothing.  Use equation without
title if you need to reference it.


Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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