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Subject: Frames like HTML view of TOC and document

I'm new to the list, but a longtime (closet?) DocBook user.  For a
number of years one of the customizations that I've maintained is a
script and javascript that permits a DocBook document to be viewed in
a frames environment with the table of contents on the side, and the
document next to it:

  1. Intro          |  The main part of the document goes here
    1.1 bla         |  and on and on.
  2. Good stuff     |
   + hidden toc part|  Etc.

Having the toc always visible certainly makes navigating the document
more pleasant.  The toc can have sections collapse and expand etc.
Looks very nice, but HTML frames implementation is undesirable.  I
started looking at converting my frames to CSS, but there are lots of

  1. Resizing browser frames is handled by the browser, CSS requires
  2. CSS cross browser vagaries
  3. The DocBook HTML structure is causing my css some gas.
  4. etc.

I started looking at various javascript frameworks to get the job
done, then decided I should find out if someone has done something
like what I'm attempting.  I didn't find anything, so I'm asking.

Anyone have something that provides good TOC navigation aids for
DocBook documents viewed as HTML?  Any better/ alternative ideas?


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