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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Frames like HTML view of TOC and document

>>>>> "TD" == Thomas Dobbs <tomdobbs@pluck.com> writes:

TD> jQuery has several plugins that give you resizable handles you can
TD> attach to any page element. 

I looked at jQuery and was very impressed.  I got part of what I
wanted in a quick demo, and decided that my basic approach was not
going to work without hacking up the basic docbook style sheets.  My
desire is something that didn't affect the HTML output.  I think I can
get it to work with just a little bit of javascript.  That has the
side benefit that if someone doesn't enable javascript, then there
will be no unexpected results.

One thing surprised me in my jQuery example, namely that the browser
forward and back buttons no longer work.  That would be a show stopper
for me.  However it is certainly possible it is something I've got
messed up, or perhaps there is a work around.

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