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Subject: suppressing hyperlink for xrefs in HTML output?

I'm making a docbook projects for ebook and print output.

Sometimes throughout the text I need to refer to a table or chapter:

"As Table 4 indicates,"

Usually I will mention this in the paragraph immediately before or
after where  the table actually appears in the chapter.  In such a
case, there would be no need to include a link to it, only the label
with the appropriate value.

In the print output this will look fine, but in HTML output the "Table
4" will be a hyperlink to the table in question. In some cases, that
is good (i.e., if I'm referencing Table 4 in Chapter 11) but in cases
where Table 4 is very close to the xref, all I need is the label (and
not the hyperlink).

In cases where the referenced table or figure or section is already
very close to the object (making a link redundant), do I have some
control over whether I can suppress the hyperlink in HTML output for
certain xrefs?

What would I need to do to get this done?

Robert Nagle

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