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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook and Google Summer of Code ?

On 12/16/2009 08:28 AM, Stefan Seefeld wrote:
> I have been wondering whether there was any interest in the DocBook 
> community to apply to become a GSoC mentoring organization, too. I can 
> see many projects that are doable in such a context (I have a couple 
> of specific ideas that I would very much like to see realized, and I 
> think GSoC would be an ideal framework for this).

OK, let me add some ideas I have for such potential DocBook tasks that 
are IMO suitable as GSoC projects:

The Boost project has been working on a DB extension to help document 
C++ APIs. DB itself has some vocabulary to describe programming language 
artifacts, but they are by far not sufficient to cover modern C++.
(More information about the existing "BoostBook" extension can be found 
at http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_41_0/doc/html/boostbook.html)
While some of the vocabulary is boost-specific, most is generic, and 
would IMO be very useful to be maintained as an 'official' DB 5 
extension, so any C++ author can use it. Thus, I propose that the 
relevant bits be converted to DB 5, and integrated (as an extension) 
into the docbook project itself.

Another project, somewhat similar in nature, is the addition of a 
vocabulary specifically targetted at the software development process, 
i.e. use-cases, requirements, specifications, and design documents. For 
inspiration, see http://readyset.tigris.org/.

(Both of these projects include the definition of the vocabulary (Relax 
NG ?), as well as some XSL stylesheets to process them into some media 
(say, HTML and FO).

How does this sound ?



       ...ich hab' noch einen Koffer in Berlin...

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