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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] revisit: putting together a docbook 5.0 toolchainfor linux

On 07/01/10 09:23, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>    revisiting something i was working on a while back before i got
> pulled away to another project, i want to put together a toolchain on
> fedora 12 linux for processing docbook 5.0 and generating as many of
> HTML/PDF/PS/whatever as possible, while keeping the installed packages
> to a minimum.

> you get the idea.  if i have no need for backward compatibility, how
> little can i install on fedora 12 (hopefully extensible to other linux
> distros)?
>    so far, i'm pretty sure i want the packages:
>    * libxml2 (for xmllint and xmlcatalog)
>    * libxslt (for xsltproc)
>    * docbook5-schemas
>    * docbook5-style-xsl
>    * fop
> beyond that, i'm still checking dependencies.  anyone else gone thru
> this exercise and deduced what needs to be there?  if not, once i
> figure it out, i'll document it at my web site.  thanks.

How about validation? I use Jing from James Clark, now on GoogleCode.

was my thoughts.

I'm also running FC12, but Java/Saxon based, with xep replacing fop.


Dave Pawson

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