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Subject: Formatting an Inline Graphic in a List

I am having difficulty getting an inline graphic to render nicely in the
first line of a list when generating a PDF through FOP 0.95. The graphic is
slightly higher than the font height, so I get something akin to this ASCII
art example:

1. Everything is going fine

2.                     -
   My graphic is here |_|, see what I mean?

3. Back to normal

I read http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/InlineGraphics.html, but there are
some listitems that contain graphics that aren't inlined, so
line-stacking-strategy can't be set to font-height.

I think that I want to align the base of the the <fo:list-item-label> to the
base of the first line of the <fo:list-item-body> (that seems the most
sensical to me in all use cases I could consider). The correct solution
seemed to be setting relative-align="baseline" in <fo:list-item>
but that didn't work... Then I saw FOP doesn't support it

Am I barking up the wrong tree and is there a more appropriate solution I
may have missed?

Thanks for any help or references,

Sam Fischmann

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