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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Apostrophe in docbook document

On 26/01/10 00:53, Ron Catterall wrote:
> Hi all
> Having consulted the Lady of the House over a cocktail or two, I think
> we understand the problem and have a solution (given a decision what an
> apostrophe should look like on paper.)
> We have (at least) three logical symbols:
> 1. a singular possessive - this is Ron' book
> 2. a plral posessive - these the are mens' books
> 3. a missing word ain't (or old English an't)
> In principle we need three different symbols, **BUT** these different
> symbols are only needed for computerized searches, not for visual
> scanning by humans,

Beg to differ Ron, English appears not to require more than one?
Is it simply for your search needs?

The only different one in your previous list is the prime symbol, U+2032.
The remainder should be the same.


Dave Pawson

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