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Subject: inlinemediaobject + caption for epubs?

Hi, I'm trying to create xhtml/epub content and trying to use images
which are right-aligned and floating but have captions.

I don't want images to interrupt the flow of the page when it's in
epub.  Instead I want text to wrap around a right-aligned image.

It looks like inlinemedia is the best element for that; however, by
default inlinemedia doesn't allow captions -- only textobjects which
don't render in chunked html output (only as alt text).  I need the
equivalent of captions for inlinemedia elements.

Is there a way to override that so that textobjects are visible?

The problem here is that mediaobjects are block elements (which make
sense for  html and fo output, but not for epub). When dealing with
smaller sized screens, using the extra space to separate an image
block element is wasteful and inefficient.

Any ideas for how to solve this problem?

Robert Nagle
Houston, Texas

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